Anmar has a highly skilled demolition team that is capable of mechanical and refractory demolition. The team consists of qualified Brokk operators and technicians guided by experienced supervision to take on small scale projects to full plant demo

Anmar refractory installation team is well known in the industry for its craftsmanship and ability to meet or to beat most schedules in an highly effective and safe manner. The team boasts years of experience at every level of the installation pro

Anmar does not utilize third party mechanical crews on projects as most of its competitors, it has its own in house experienced team. The mechanical team compliments the demo and refractory team so that Anmar can offer a full turnkey operation.

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Anmar has the ability to source, select and supply to their clients all types of refractory installation materials. These products include: refractories, insulation products, anchoring systems and all associated products for their required install

Anmar provides a full guniting service for all applications from quick repair to full installations. We have three main areas of use which are repairs to existing refractory linings (generally temporary), fire and runout protection for furnace str